Architecture: a scientific or artistic career?

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Students who decide to study architecture find themselves at a crossroads: humanistic or scientific approach? Let's take a look at why.

The question of whether architecture is a scientific or artistic pursuit has always been the subject of much debate. Especially when you go to undergraduate school and have to choose between the humanities and the sciences, since architecture is a mixture of both.

Assuming that "the essence of art is to express itself," you will find that many architectural works seek the architect's self-expression, just as McEssay to the self-expression of writers.

An obvious example is the Schroeder House, built in 1924 by Gerrit Rietveld and Truus Schroeder-Schrader. This house was designed in accordance with the ideas of de Stuhl and Neoplasticism. The connection between Piet Mondrian's pictorial work and architecture is almost as if a two-dimensional art composition became three-dimensional.

Architecture: a scientific or artistic career?

The only difference between a simple work of art and architecture in this case is that the latter has to be habitable and therefore involves a series of studies and structures, installations, technology, building materials, calculations, performing and other things that bring us closer to science

In works such as the Pompidou Building by Renzo Piano, we see how they seek to exalt the science behind architecture, and even in doing so are considered a work of art turned into a building.

Architecture: a scientific or artistic career?

Architecture is a mixture of science and art, where one is as important as the other, and its goal is to paint a new panorama of the future, albeit in small strokes. This is why architects are indispensable to the world: can you imagine a city where only function matters? A city where the same buildings are built repeatedly just because we need them to sleep or work.

That seems pretty boring, doesn't it? How boring a vacation would be if we traveled from city to city and they were all exactly the same. It's like reading a book with the same events on every page, or if the student esses were identical, but won't let that happen.

Notes on architectural design

Notes on Urban Design

People are inherently unique, and just as the way we dress or the objects we use represent your style and essence, you too would want to live in a home designed by an architect who adapts your lifestyle to a work of art

Now that you've read all the arguments, what's your opinion?

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