According to the information that is found within the Lost Ark this is the location of each and every Mokoko Seed that c

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In the video game Lost Ark, the continent of Shushire is notorious for the arctic conditions that prevail throughout the entirety of the game

In the video game Lost Ark, the continent of Shushire is notorious for the arctic conditions that prevail throughout the entirety of the game. This is due to the fact that this location is where the Ark itself is located. You will notice that things have begun to take on an appearance that is somewhat more inviting by the time you make it to the region around Lake Eternity. This will become apparent to you when you finally make it there. As you continue to explore this region, you will inevitably come to understand this fact. In addition, there is some of the water that has not completely frozen over into ice but rather retains some of the properties of its original liquid state. This portion of the water is referred to as the melt zone. In addition to this, you have the chance to gather all nine of the sweet-smelling mokoko seeds that are dispersed throughout the area. You are going to be required to carry out the aforementioned step in order to successfully complete the challenge and meet the requirements that it has imposed on you. Continue reading this article if you are confident that you are up to the challenge and want more information about the locations of all of the mokoko seeds that have been hidden throughout the area. They can be found dispersed in many different locations.


Take the path that heads east when approaching from Bitterwind Hill, and continue along that path until you reach the wooden walkway that is located to the right of the path. Using the wooden walkway, you can get to the opposite side of the area from where you are currently standing. If you entered this region from a different direction, the route that heads westward is the one you should take to get to where you need to be. After climbing the stairs, the Lakeside Fishing Spot can be reached by continuing to walk along this path in a direction that is more toward the southeast. Once you have arrived at that point, proceed along the path in an easterly direction in order to reach Angler Gabius. When you reach that point, you will need to make one more turn to the south.

You should look for it in the Lumberjack Encampment because that is where the location of Mokoko Seed Two can be found, and the Lumberjack Encampment is where you should go looking for EU Central Wei Lost Ark Gold. Be sure to stay to the right as you go down the slope into the next area, and once you've arrived there, follow the edge of the lake all the way into the corner. This will allow you to avoid any potential hazards. Because of this, you will be able to sidestep any potential risks. Because of this, there is no chance that you will become disoriented or lost. You will need to climb the stairs, and once you reach the top, you will need to continue to the left along the wooden platform in order to reach your destination. It is possible to find the second mokoko in this location; it is hidden behind some supplies in this area and can be accessed through this location.

The Logging Camp can be found in an area that is handily situated between Mokoko Seeds Three and Five. This location is known as the Middle of the Mokoko Seeds. If you continue to move through it in an easterly direction until you reach a T-junction, you should be able to avoid the security personnel and proceed through the area. When you get there, you will find that you have already arrived at your destination. When you come to the split in the road, bear left and continue traveling northward until you reach the region surrounding the Logging Camp. As you travel through this region, you will come across a wooden tower that is in a dilapidated state as you make your way through it. As you move through this area, you will also come across a tent that has a fire pit set up outside of it. You will find this tent as you come across another area. Both of these characteristics can be found in this general location. As soon as you reach the crest of the slope, immediately keep to the left side of the path, and work your way in between the Young Lake Owlbear and the Lake Owlbear.

If you want to get closer to the owlbears that live in their territory, you will have to go around the owlbears one more time and then take a turn to the left. This will allow you to get closer to their territory. Continue moving to the left until you come across another Young Lake Owlbear. (This will take some time.)Because it is tucked away behind the snowiest and most inaccessible part of the landscape, the mokoko is notoriously difficult to locate. The presence of the tree is to blame for this.


You can leave the area around Lake Owlbears by going back over your previous steps and descending the slope in the opposite direction from where you came


  • Once you have reached the bottom of the slope, you will want to turn to the left and head in a direction that is more toward the north in order to get to the Logging Camp Triport

  • Using this strategy, it is possible to escape the area around Lake Owlbears and continue on your journey

  • You will have to descend a flight of wooden steps just before you reach your destination, and on the way there, you will walk by a log cabin on the way there

  • The path appears to end at a structure that serves as a barrier and that was seen earlier

  • This structure was previously encountered

  • In the background of this barrier, there is a wooden crane that can be seen

  • The sign at this location indicates that this is where the end of the hiking trail can be found

  • If you do not already have it, you will need to finish the quest chain that begins on Lullaby Island with Traveler Eclipse and work your way through all of the other quests in the chain in order to obtain it

  • If you do not already have it, you will need to finish the quest chain that begins on Lullaby Island with Traveler Eclipse

  • You will need to complete the quest chain that starts on Lullaby Island with Traveler Eclipse if you do not already have Galatur Lost Ark Gold

  • The quest chain can be found here

  • If you have already finished the previous quest in this series, you are free to skip this step

  • There is no penalty for doing so

Travelers have the ability to enter the Nest Hill Triport through a doorway that is referred to as the Mokoko Seed Eight. Passers-by are granted access to the destination in question by means of this doorway. Be cautious because the Lake Fugitives, who can be found directly to the south of this location, are notorious for their high levels of hostility and could potentially attack you while you are moving through the triport itself. They can be found immediately to the south of this location. The directional arrow in the image below points in the direction of their location. You will want to keep going in a direction that is north of where you are currently standing. When you reach the bottom of the slope, turn right to continue in that direction.

You will need to make your way to the eastern wall of Tarsila's lair, which is situated within the large area where Tarsila herself spawns. This wall can be found inside the large area where Tarsila herself spawns. You'll find the wall deep within the expansive area that serves as Tarsila's spawn point. You'll find this wall buried deep within the vast area that serves as the spawn point for Tarsila.