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lets talk about unique texts for students


  • What uniqueness should student work have?
  • How much percentage is enough for a bachelor's thesis?
  • What is the number of master's theses?
  • What do the rules for term paper require?
  • What is the percentage of uniqueness of abstracts?
  • 100% uniqueness - myth or reality?
  • Where can you check the originality of the text?

The uniqueness of the thesis is a highlight that should be present in each. Otherwise, a suitcase, a train station, revision and shouts in the back about copyright infringement and plagiarism. The scene is exaggerated, of course, but the essence is clear. In the age of technology and the Internet, even teachers at a deep age will not be able to be fooled. Antiplagiat check programs are also not so easy to bypass. What is left? Follow the rules, no matter how boring it sounds. Now let's go through these very rules.

What uniqueness should student work have?

Different, depending on the type of assignment, topic, course. But there is one unifying concept - sufficient uniqueness. Plus, the percentage of borrowings is taken into account. Each university has its own criteria. They often coincide, plus or minus.

How much percentage is enough for a bachelor's thesis?

The final qualifying work of a bachelor will be admitted to defense if its uniqueness is 70-75%. For applicants for excellent, you need to show the figure of 80-85%. At the same time, legal and technical universities have some concessions - up to the mark of 65% and above (but this needs to be clarified in each specific case). Borrowings - no more than 15% by source.

What is the number of master's theses?

The difficulty level goes up, so does the interest rates. Humanitarians are invited to provide research with 85-90% uniqueness. This will give you excellent. For technical specialties - 75-80%. For the result "satisfactory" - 70% and 60%, respectively. Good people will get their points if the work is somewhere between 70% and 80%. The percentage of borrowings from one source - no more than 8%.

What do the rules for term paper require?

The most common type of student assignment is less harsh on students in terms of uniqueness requirements. Representatives of technical universities and specialized faculties can count on loyalty from 55% at all. But this is an exception, and the standard figures are 75-80% and higher for excellent students, 70-75% for Horoshists and 5% lower for those who will be satisfied with a satisfactory result. At the same time, the percentage of borrowings remains not very high - up to 15% from one source.

What is the percentage of uniqueness of abstracts?

The most insignificant among all works - 50% and above. Moreover, there are even simpler options in 40%, depending on the specific faculty. And there are no restrictions on the percentage of borrowing as such, just do not forget that at least 10 sources are indicated in the abstract. And, of course, you cannot blindly rewrite the entire text from just one of them.

The required percentage of uniqueness and permissible fluctuations should always be looked at in the current guidelines and manuals of a particular university and department. You can't just look at general data or outdated information

100% uniqueness - myth or reality?

I remember the phrase: I am wise - I will wisdom, then I will manage. It is very appropriate in relation to theses and 100% uniqueness. Of course, such absolute indicators are found, but for a scientific text and research work, this is a rare exception.

It is possible to subtle 100% originality, but what remains with the quality? This question will primarily interest the defense commission. This may indicate a large amount of text water, spam, lack of specifics, facts, unscientific style, the use of illegal methods of uniqueization. And also elementary about "delirium". It turns out that it is definitely original.

Although, in the humanitarian areas, for essays, essays, this is a very real meaning. However, there is no need to strive for 100%, since no one requires them in any kind of work. The indicator of 95% is already “above the roof and in combination with other quality parameters allows you to get the maximum mark. Uniqueness cannot be achieved at the expense of quality. This is especially true for smaller tasks such as homework. And although they are not tested for anti-plagiarism, the teacher will always see the plagiarism on his own. And we would be happy to avoid such a situation https://essayassistant.org/homework-help/.

Tips on how to increase uniqueness:

  • Check the text for tautology, especially in terms of technical terms and proper names.
  • Reduce your spam rate. To do this, you need to "run" the text through special resources, for example, Content watch and eliminate unnecessary highlighting.
  • Use synonyms and pronouns where appropriate. However, do not distort terms and do not use diminutive words, slang word forms.
  • Format footnotes and references correctly.
  • Try to avoid stereotyped hackneyed phrases, clericalisms, banal introductory words.
  • Use text references. Do not repeat the full names of regulatory acts in the text - it is enough to indicate the desired option for the first time, and then refer to the text, for example, only to the number of the law.
  • Use a variety of sources when writing. Do not copy the material in its original form, but use elements of presentation, elaboration of the read and retelling in your own words.
  • Add your own authoring analytics and opinions where appropriate.

Such systems as Antiplagiat Killer, running through auto-translators, character substitution are a false way to increase uniqueness. These tricks are declassified from the first minutes. In doing so, you waste time and risk your reputation. We know that many students do not know or do not know how to use all this, which leads to fatal consequences. Therefore, we are always happy to help you, no matter what type of work you write. Our favorite is the science job https://essayassistant.org/science-help/.

Where can you check the originality of the text?

There are many resources. As they say, anti-plagiarism is not the only one. The university lives the present. Although, in fairness, if you have access to this resource, you can forget about the rest. If not, then feel free to use the anti-plagiarism system, its free and / or paid version.

The Etxt, Advego, ContentWatch verification system is suitable for students . Each of these systems has its own subtleties. The verification algorithms are also different. But if you achieve a result in which the uniqueness of the thesis for each of these resources is 5% higher than the required one, the chances of success are maximally high. 

You can also check and improve the uniqueness of the text by visiting the Home page of the Essay assistant. Here they prepare to order reference diploma and other student works



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