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China Airlines allows a limited quantity of baggage. Following China Airlines baggage allowance per person can be beneficial in preventing excessive baggage fees. The luggage allowed to everyone can depend on the class. China Airlines Economy Class baggage allowance for checked items may b

China Airlines Baggage Policy Rules to Know before You Travel

When planning to onboard a flight, baggage allowance can be the first thing that comes to mind. In case you are flying with China Airlines, knowing the baggage allowance policy may help in saving excess fees. You may choose to learn about checked bags as well as the carry-on baggage limit. China Airlines’ baggage policy may give you insights into the pet baggage allowed to be carried onboard. Being versed with the policy may help in having a hassle-free trip along with saving money on baggage fees.

China Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

Passengers of China Airlines may be allowed to carry checked bags on flights. The airline allows these bags under certain limitations. In case the weight or size of bags can be found beyond China Airlines baggage allowance for checked items, you cannot carry that bag. The carrier only allows bags under 158 cms for the Business and Premium Economy class. However, the size for the Economy checked bag can be up to 273 cms. The weight allowed to carry also depends on the seating class mentioned as follows:

Economy Class - 30 kg

Premium Economy Class - 35 kg

Business Class - 40 kgs

China Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

You may carry a handbag on flights of China Airlines without paying extra for it. Passengers need to make sure that the bag should not be more than 7 kgs in weight and the dimensions should be under 56 x 36 x 23 cm. The size of the carry-on should be such that it can easily fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.

China Airlines Excess Baggage Fees Policy

China Airlines may ask passengers to pay a certain fee in case their luggage is beyond the size and weight limits. The China Airlines excess baggage fees policy includes fees to be imposed depending on the route you are traveling on. Passengers flying in America, Canada, Central America, and similar routes may be required to pay for each bag that is above the baggage limit. Whereas, passengers traveling on other routes can be made to pay for each kg which can be extra as per the baggage policy.


China Airlines International Baggage Policy

International passengers should be careful of the baggage limits imposed by the airline as the extra baggage fees they may be required to pay can be high. You must know that China Airlines allows only two complimentary bags under 40 kgs maximum. In case your bag may be found to have above 40 kgs of weight then you may be asked to pay $32 USD or more on each bag. The dimensions of the bag allowed to be carried on the international route should be 158 cm. Whereas, the maximum weight for carry-on according to the China Airlines international baggage policy can be 7 kg and 56 x 36 x 23 cm size.

Please Note: China Airlines may not allow luggage above 203 cm in size and heavier than 32 kgs at any cost. Make sure your luggage is not exceeding these baggage limits.

China Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

Pets may be allowed to travel with passengers as part of China Airlines pet baggage policy. They may travel in either the cargo space or passenger cabin. Only guide or assistance pets are permitted to fly in the cabin with their owner. Except for guide dogs, all pets may travel in the passenger compartment as checked baggage.

Passengers may be required to abide by the following rules in case they wish to travel along with their pets:


    • All pets should fly in their kennels or carriers.


    • A single passenger may only be accompanied by a guiding dog.


    • Fighting dogs may not be permitted in the cargo or passenger class of China Airlines check-in baggage allowance.


    • Puppies and kittens under the age of 10 weeks are not permitted.


    • Snub dogs and cats may be transported under certain conditions permitted by the airline.


    • Pets and their kennels may be charged additional baggage costs by China Airlines based on their weight and size.


    • Domesticated dogs and cats with handicapped passengers may be allowed by the airline.


Please Note: Please inform China Airlines in advance when you want to travel with your dog or cat as checked baggage. Pets and their containers are not always allowed as free baggage.

Pet transport fees are 1.5 times the excess baggage costs and can be determined by weight, which may include the weight of both the pet(s) and the container. 


Passengers traveling with China Airlines can be advised to keep all the rules of baggage in mind. Exceeding the weight and size limit of China Airlines’ baggage policy may end up in paying a hefty amount. You may keep a note of the limit as per your seating class as Business and Premium Economy class passengers may be allowed to carry a little extra checked and carry-on luggage.