Lineage 2M tells a convincing story

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PC PURPLE has a great PC playing experience, featuring the highest resolution and Lineage 2M Diamonds customizable hotkeys. As a cross-play title, Lineage2M delivers 4K resolution through its proprietary service PURPLE and the graphics quality is on the same level as a PC game. 'Seamless loading' of new environments and minimal delay and lag even in the biggest battles are what PURPLE is promising.


The unique sub-quest system makes it possible for players to pursue different routes to higher levels, with a wider range of adventures on the way. Sub-quests like "Oracle Quest" and "Codex can help you escape the grind of hunting down or grinding for character development that is typical in other MMOs.


Boss monsters are available in all kinds of deadly forms and sizes, and are a constant presence in the dungeons and fields. It's obvious when you meet one due to their size and powers. You'll be required to form teams with other players to confront boss monsters and at the same time engage in battles with other factions to prevent other groups from reaching their goal. As a result, players in Lineage2M can enjoy a truly MMORPG; where co-operation and rivalry take place in parallel on a huge scale.


During the beta period in the beta, we had the chance to play along with the fun combating a boss Monster, known by the name Queen Ant who lives in the, or rather, lived in, at the Ant Nest at the bottom of the Gludio. Let's just say that she wasn't going to buy Lineage 2M Diamonds be seen chasing us after we and hundreds of beta players cut her to size and got some loot.