Why learning German language is so beneficial?

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German being a language which builds no boundary or limitation to grasp it, anyone of any age group can go ahead and learn this language.


German is one of the ten most spoken languages in the world. Some 185 million people worldwide speak German. You can still study in Germany even if you don’t know German, but some knowledge of the language makes everyday life a lot easier and help you immerse yourself in the country. Apart from that, foreign languages are also increasingly sought after by employers. There are many ways to learn German prior to your stay or while out there as learning German can be great fun and hugely beneficial.

Have you ever wondered “should I learn German?” or “why learn German?”

There are plenty of good reasons to join German classes  learn how to speak German.


Considering the way wherein German can collect things to make long, compound things, this language is stacked with words that essentially don't exist in various tongues. These are things that would take whole sentences to clarify in English, for instance. These fuse Torschlusspanik ('entrance closing caution' – the free for all you feel as you comprehend you're getting more settled and have confined opportunity to seek after life's entryways overall) and Handschuhschneeballwerfer ('glove snowball thrower' – a to some degree innovative strategy for calling someone a wimp), to give a few models. Here on the German blog we love these words so a ton, we have an entire series focused on them. German has the best words!


1.A gateway to great economic powers

Studying in Germany means potentially integrating into the workforce of one of the most powerful and stable economies in the world. 

2.Large speakership

German has 95 million native speakers, making it the second-most prevalent language in Europe after English. Around the world, there are also 10-15 million more speakers who have German as a second language.

3.English and German share 60% of their vocabulary

Due to their close relation, German and English share more than half of their vocabulary! In comparison, English and French share just 27% of their vocabulary.

4. Easy to learn German language course for English speakers

English and German both have the same Proto Germanic linguistics origins. Many words in English are taken or adapted from German. In fact, some of the grammar rules are shared between the two languages. If you’re a native English speaker, then learning German should be much easier than a Romance language like French or a non-European language.

5.Inexpensive education

Knowing the German language provides your child with the opportunity to study in Germany, whose universities require some level of German proficiency.

The cost of living and studying in this country are prodigiously low compared to other countries where you’d be able to study abroad. Imagine spending just over 500 euros a month to rent a flat in the capital of Berlin. It’s even cheaper if you live elsewhere away from the bigger cities.


In spite of the way that it might have all the earmarks of being an untouchable language immediately, inhale simple due to understanding that German and English come from a comparable language family. That suggests that for each perplexing word you run over you'll moreover notice a great deal of likenesses among German and English words. This will in a perfect world help your conviction and help speed with expanding your learning.



Advantages of Learning German language-

  1. Chances of better jobs
  2. improves communication
  3. More job opportunities
  4. German education


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