Why This Site?

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Why was this site created, and for whom?

A New Site - Why?

So, you found our new Social Media site and you may be wondering why? After all, with a similar layout to Facebook, this site is surely just a variation on a theme? Or is it?

In fact this site was created with a specific set of clients in mind, belonging to a specific niche, for a specific purpose.


Our Site Is For These Clients To Maximise Their Product


So, who exactly was this site created for? Well, at AAPM Media, we specialise in online marketing strategies to benefit any size business, designed specifically with the UK market place in mind. Our Media group runs two business directories: London local businesses and Stanpost UK Business Directory.


But, you may be wondering, what exactly does a social media site have to do with business directories? Well, that is a fair question. So, let me explain.


Frankly, today, business directories are a dime a dozen. Think Yell, Thomsons, Hot Frog and many, many others and you start to get the idea. Realistically, why should someone choose our business directories when so many exist?


The key is, that we try to go above and beyond the 'normal' product supplied, which is a directory. Our media group also gives key access to products such as URL shorteners, Online File Storage, Video hosting, and....you guessed it, a Business themed social media platform.


So, this social media platform is designed primarily with our online marketing clients in mind. However, does that mean that if you also run a business that you can't sign up and use this platform? By no means!


We want all legitimate businesses, that market products or services that are appropriate for any age group, to feel free to use our platform. We intend to make this site available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time!


So, with all of this in mind....Welcome to ABBR Business Social Media Platform! We hope you will both use and enjoy our product!