Go Deep Sea Fishing on Your Hawaiian Vacation

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Almost everyone has heard of Pacific blue marlin and probably seen one mounted. They are the beasts of the sea, often hunted off the Hawaiian Islands, and sport fishermen everywhere dream of catching one. But Oahu deep sea fishing captains also remind people taking their charters to consider striped marlin. They are plenty of a challenge at 40 to 100 pounds and have plenty of fight, but are not as overwhelming as Pacific blues. They're a challenge to find because bird activity doesn't often indicate their whereabouts, and it takes an experienced local captain who knows how to find them routinely. 

You may have already read about the striped marlin's reputation for attacking the bait if you've done your research. They're not ones to give up, and you have a chance of hooking them as they try again and again to make a strike. There are several techniques for attracting them to your hook by feeding and fishing simultaneously – let an experienced fisherman explain in detail how it's done. It's a valuable skill when you locate a group of striped marlin and want to improve your ratio of hooking one or more. You'll have more fun than you imagined and the eating afterward is always good. They are tasty on the grill.

Big game fishing off the North Shore of Oahu is some of the most exciting anywhere. There is a range of species, each most numerous at a slightly different time of the year, to give you options. On the other hand, most species are present year-round, and you have a chance of catching several different ones depending on where you fish, the bait you use, and the techniques you employ. There are appropriate fish and sizes for anglers of all skill and experience levels. The best way to improve yours (and have fun while you're at it) is to get out on the water and try. The weather is often great for fishing.

If you've previously visited Oahu or other Hawaiian islands and done mostly land-based sightseeing, you're missing one of the most exciting opportunities – going out on the water. Sportfishing gives you a boat ride and a fast-moving and exciting fishing expedition. You can go for a full or half-day, and when it's finished, you'll likely have a catch to photograph and eat. It's part of the experience of visiting Hawaii that you shouldn't miss. The North Shore fishing charters are among the most popular for good reasons. The fishing is excellent, and experienced charter captains are ready to take you out.