Five factors that influence the cost of CCTV camera installation

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One question that hovers in homeowners' minds before they get their security cameras installed is how much it would cost.

One question that hovers in homeowners' minds before they get their security cameras installed is how much it would cost. In this short article, you will learn about the factors that influence the cost of security camera installation and will have an idea why yours might be below or above the national average.

What is the cost of installing home security cameras?

The average home surveillance camera installation cost ranges from $100-$2,200, with $1,330 being the national average. Now that we have answered your first question, let us look at the factors contributing to the figures above.

Type of security system.

Generally, the type of security system you opt for will determine how much you. For instance, wired cameras require more labor and time during installation, meaning you might need a professional to do the work for you, as opposed to some wireless systems.

The number of cameras.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the number of cameras you install in your home will impact the cost. It is a simple rule, the more cameras you need, the more you will have to spend. Outdoor cameras are more durable to withstand the elements and are more expensive than indoor cameras. Besides the extra expenses from buying more video units, additional cameras require more wiring, storage, labor, and other costs.

Video quality and storage.

Another factor contributing to purchase and installation costs are the quality of the cameras. The video quality is crucial to get clear and crisp images and video. Although high-resolution cameras cost more, you shouldn't cut corners in this aspect. Some homeowners compromise on quality and end up with unusable footage for evidence of a crime. For instance, digitally zooming in on a low-res video will produce choppy or grainy output with very little detail. We recommend you go for nothing less than HD resolution (1080p) on all your cameras.

It is a similar rule for storage options, and systems will play a role in installation costs.


Generally, outdoor camera installation costs more than indoor systems- This is because there are more variables, materials required, and risks associated with installing surveillance systems outside. A security systems installer in Houston may have to climb a stepladder, wait for good weather, and perform tasks such as drilling, sealing, stabilizing cameras, etc.

Labor and other additional costs.

Labor charges may vary within different towns, states, and regions. Other variables like your home's design and the risk involved also contribute to how much you will spend.