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Follow published writers' secrets to help you reach your own success.

Follow published writers' secrets to help you reach your own success. Get inspired and learn what to do and not do. I have interviewed a variety of published authors, from non-fiction to fiction, and every popular writing genre. So take some time to have a peek here and explore all the different interviews.

For these interviews, I've asked each author six or seven questions. Some interviews are short and some are long depending on the detail that the author wanted to go into.

If you're interested in learning what advice successful writers have for new writers dissertation help, check out how to become a writer.

This page was created after interviewing over twenty published authors. When asked what piece of advice they would pass on to someone who wanted to become a writer, several general answers emerged to buy essay.
So if you're someone who wants to be a writer, read on to find out what advice authors like Piers Anthony, Stephen Mark Rainey, Larry Bond, Neal Asher, Eldon Thompson, and many others want to pass on to potential writers.

Read Write a Lot

This was the most popular answer given by the authors interviewed. In order to become a writer you need to read a lot of different books and practice your writing.


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